Paradiso Restaurant – lunch menu 29.06.2019

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream

120 gr. 5.00 lv

Cuban Potaje Soup of chickpeas and red lentil

300 gr. 3.50 lv.

Filled chicken leg with gravy sauce and breaded mushrooms

350 gr. 10.00 lv.

Hot plate of French fries with bacon, pickled cucumbers and egg

350 gr. 8.00 lv.


350 gr. 8.20 lv.

Polenta balls with chimichurri sauce and prosciutto chips

250 gr. 7.00 lv.

Turkey medallions with zucchini and milk sauce

300 gr. 9.00 lv.

Warm salad of roasted peppers with feta cheese and tomato salsa

250 gr. 8.50 lv.